The survey provides current and accurate salary information while keeping participant's pay and organizational information confidential. Participants can be confident that survey data is collected and survey results are reported while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Data Confidentiality

When reporting results, the names of participating companies are listed in alphabetical order in a separate list. Further, survey results for a particular position are only shown if a minimum number of participants have reported data for that position. Since all results are displayed as calculated values and individual survey data is never reported, it is impossible to identify individual rates of pay at a particular company.

Network Security

Synergy's Internet web-hosting servers, databases and networks are designed to ensure the reliability, performance and security necessary to provide survey data when and how it's wanted, and to ensure that the transmission of sensitive and confidential compensation data is protected.

The web site makes use of PKI cryptography and digital signature technology, applied via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificates, to provide the necessary authentication, data integrity and privacy mechanisms that ensure your data is protected while it is being sent to WageAccess®.


Passwords are issued to one user at each participating location. When companies sign-up to participate in the survey, they are asked to provided the name of the individual who should have access to the survey and the results. The user login name and password will then be e-mailed to that person for access the survey. This password should not be shared with any other company. Once a user has logged in, the web pages he/she views have been customized to the participating company and contain that company's confidential information.

The sharing of passwords and survey results with other organizations is considered theft and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Privacy Policy

Your trust is our greatest asset. Synergy Management Solutions, Incorporated makes every reasonable effort to ensure that information you provide to the web site is kept confidential and secure.

In order to earn your trust, we disclose our information management and security practices to you as clearly and fully as possible. These practices receive continuous oversight, and most of our business decisions, including web site design, technology selection and third-party business relationships, begin and end with considerations for your privacy.

To view our complete Privacy Policy, click here.

Use of Participant Names

While we understand the importance of preserving the confidentiality of company survey data, WageAccess® reserves the right to display the name of your organization as a current or past participant in the survey. This adds value to the survey data and allows potential participants to see the extensive participation in the survey.