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With thousands of participating organizations,™ has become the resource that organizations rely on every day for trusted, accurate and current survey results.

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"We have used the™ salary survey for over four years and have found it to be an excellent tool for guiding offers, promotions and other salary related business decisions. Having this online tool accessible to us is critical due to the fact that most employees have easy access via the Internet to a range of salary data that tends to seriously complicate the offer and general compensation process. Consistent data that we can use to verify salary information and base salary decisions on is key. Having a tool like the™ salary survey helps keep us ahead of the curve with valid and reliable data year after year."

Jerolyn Jones - Trelleborg Offshore

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... powered by WageAccess®™ is powered by WageAccess®, a national compensation and benefits survey database.

This means that™ includes survey results data from hundreds of participating organizations in the State of Texas, as well as several thousand more from throughout the United States.

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