Data Quality

The survey has been designed to ensure the collection of quality survey data, which will, in turn, yield valid and extremely accurate results.


A thorough statistical analysis and auditing program is run on all survey data submissions to flag possible errors due to data entry, incorrect position matches, and outliers. Survey participants may be contacted to verify the accuracy of this data.

Additionally, audit control procedures are employed to eliminate any possibility of system errors, calculation errors, or data corruption.

Job Descriptions

The survey contains over 975 benchmark positions. To ensure a comparable match is made during survey data entry, each position includes a detailed job description, along with an explanation of the levels of responsibility, autonomy, and knowledge required.

Match Quality

To assist in the validity analysis, a rating scale is used to identify discrepancies in position responsibilities and functions. Participants are asked to rate, by percentage of accuracy, how their position matches the survey job description (75%, 85%, 95%, and 100% accuracy). Participants should only report data to a particular position in the survey if they feel their position matches the survey job description by at least 75% accuracy.

Participant Education

Throughout the survey, participants are provided with detailed instructions, examples, and tools to assist them in easily and accurately completing the data entry process.

Participant Responsibility

Finally, survey participants are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that the data they provide is accurate. Other participating companies have put a lot of time and effort in contributing to this survey and expect that the survey results they receive will be based on quality data.

It is imperative that participants report actual and accurate rates of pay to the survey. To achieve accurate results that reflect the current market trends, participants must do the calculations and report actual average rates of pay. Estimates are not acceptable.

It may seem like more work, but the results are well worth it!