About the Survey

TexasCompensation.com™ is powered by WageAccess®, an Internet-based multi-industry salary and benefits survey that provides employers with the current and accurate compensation information needed to attract and retain quality employees. The survey allows competitors to share their current wage information while maintaining complete participant confidentiality.

TexasCompensation.com™ is a genuine salary survey that provides real-time survey results using data from actual organizations. Survey data are collected and compiled only for TexasCompensation.com™ survey usage. TexasCompensation.com™ data is NOT purchased from other survey companies, and economic factors are NOT used to produce localized results.

The survey provides employers with the current and accurate compensation information needed to make critical wage-related decisions.

Finally, there's a wage survey that delivers the results you've been looking for...

TexasCompensation.com™ is Comprehensive

The survey contains over 975 benchmark positions grouped in 28 functional areas. Each position includes a detailed job description to ensure a comparable match is made during the survey data entry process.

Survey Results

The survey results provide a comprehensive set of descriptive statistics, compensation analysis tools, and salary trends. Survey results are calculated and displayed as mean, weighted mean, median, average low, and average high rates of pay. The results also include summary statistics on a number of useful job parameters such as supervisory and union status, as well as average compensation for bonuses, commissions, tips, and total compensation

Advanced Reporting Features

The innovative TexasCompensation.com™ Internet-based reporting feature allows users to create customized reports from current or historical survey data. Users may select and filter results by using any combination of the following criteria:

Quartile Analysis

The survey provides participants with the opportunity to run a personalized quartile analysis against selected or filtered survey results. Participants receive percentile calculations for the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile for both base pay and total compensation results and obtain a detailed report of their organization's wage-level percentile ranking against comparable organizations in the selected job market.

Market Analysis

The market analysis tools provide participants with the ability to run a customized pay practices report and analysis of formal pay grade data collected through the survey. These results include a compa-ratio calculation and offer users a direct comparison of their own pay grade start rates and rate ranges to the pay grade levels reported in the survey results.


TexasCompensation.com™ also includes a comprehensive benefits survey that provides an extensive variety of survey results and trends for health and welfare, retirement, and fringe benefits, and allows users to select and filter benefits results by geographic area, industry, number of employees or organization annual revenue.

Summary Report

The survey provides a summary report on trends in turnover, general increases, merit increases, and pay grade level movement and allows users to select and filter benefits results by geographic area, industry, number of employees or organization annual revenue.

TexasCompensation.com™ is Current

Survey participants may contribute data to the survey at any time during the year. All data are confidentially entered online through the TexasCompensation.com™ website. Upon completion of their survey, participants may immediately access survey results comprised of data collected in previous quarters of the survey.

Survey data are compiled at the end of each calendar quarter and combined with data collected in previous quarters for calculation of annualized results. An aging factor is applied to all previously collected data to adjust for the movement of salaries throughout the year. This aging process provides users with a much more accurate representation of current pay levels than that provided by conventional paper surveys.

Since survey data are collected throughout the year and previously collected data are appropriately aged, survey results are always current.

TexasCompensation.com™ is Accurate

All survey participants are required to provide actual pay information in addition to salary grade ranges. Providing actual pay information allows for an accurate and detailed picture of current wage levels for each local job market. Estimates are not acceptable.

Participants are encouraged to review the job descriptions and provide survey data for only those positions that match their own with at least 75% accuracy. This accuracy level assures the validity of survey results.

Publicly available salary data provided by various Federal, state, and local government agencies may be included in selected results to ensure a well-rounded representation of market rates. Any publicly available data are collected directly from the agency, is current and has been audited to ensure accuracy and validity.

At the close of each quarterly collection period, an extensive review and audit of the raw survey data are conducted to ensure its accuracy and consistency. At the completion of the review and audit process, the results are made available for viewing on the website.

TexasCompensation.com™ is Convenient

Organizations can participate in the survey by clicking on the Sign-Up Now link at the top of the page and providing some basic information. Participants will then receive an email containing a login ID and password to get started with the survey.

All survey data entry can be completed on any computer with access to the Internet or by spreadsheet. The survey does not need to be completed in one session; survey data entry is designed to allow participants to start, stop, and restart the process without losing previously entered data. Further, participants are able to view TexasCompensation.com™ survey results when and how they want them, anywhere they have access to the Internet.

TexasCompensation.com™ is Confidential

Participants can be assured that the survey results are reported while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Individual participant data are never displayed as part of the survey results, nor is raw survey data transmitted over the Internet during the reporting process.

The TexasCompensation.com™ Internet web servers, databases, and networks are designed to provide the reliability, performance, and security necessary to ensure that the transmission of your sensitive and confidential compensation data is protected.

For More Information

TexasCompensation.com™ is a service of Synergy Management Solutions, Incorporated. Synergy is committed to providing quality survey results that can be relied on, year after year. You will find that our attention to detail and data quality is unparalleled in the industry.

Please feel free to browse through the website and learn more about TexasCompensation.com™ and the invaluable information the service provides.

You are encouraged to view one or more of the demonstrations of the survey capability by clicking on the Demo link at the top of this page. The demonstrations will lead you through the process of entering salary information into the database and allow you to retrieve fictional survey data using the survey results.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Department by email at customerservice@wageaccess.com or by telephone at (866) 926-9400.

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