Customer Testimonials

"We have used the salary survey for over four years and have found it to be an excellent tool for guiding offers, promotions and other salary related business decisions. Having this online tool accessible to us is critical due to the fact that most employees have easy access via the Internet to a range of salary data that tends to seriously complicate the offer and general compensation process. Consistent data that we can use to verify salary information and base salary decisions on is key. Having a tool like the salary survey helps keep us ahead of the curve with valid and reliable data year after year."

Jerolyn Jones

Trelleborg Offshore


"The City of Houston has been purchasing/utilizing Compensation and Benefits Survey for several years.  We utilize the data for our biennial benchmark survey of 100+ job classifications and other surveys during the year, and have found the information to be reliable.  The variable ways to view data from current to prior, along with selections by industry and geographic areas is very helpful for specific survey needs.  Previously we have matched over 200+ job classifications to, and this year they have added Public Safety and Public Administration sections that have provided another 50+ matches to our jobs.  We find the data submission to be simple to input, and they can provide custom submission options and flexibility on submission time lines.  Along with the fact that their customer service is timely and responsive, we find to be a great addition to our compensation needs."

Robbin Duplessis, CCP

City of Houston, Texas


"I have found the information that provides to be accurate and helpful when compared with data from other sources.  Participating in the survey has become easier over the years, and when I have questions, I have no trouble getting in touch with you to get them answered.  I like the way that the information is presented, along with a short job description and levels of responsibility. is definitely my favorite source for data.  Thanks for being good at what you do."

Allison Hawkins

Shield Air Solutions, Incorporated


"The City of Garland uses to market match both public and private salary data with job classifications we have. It is very easy to navigate through and descriptions are clearly and concisely written to make job matching a breeze. Scoping the data also helps us to eliminate potential outliers that may skew the salaries. I would recommend this survey to anyone who needs quick, accurate information."

Dan Bensinger

City of Garland, Texas


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"Soundoff Signal has used the WageAccess Salary Survey for several years and we will be using this tool again for our planning next year. We have found the information valuable when conducting our annual compensation market study. The survey provides both industry and regional information along with both base salary and bonus information which has been beneficial for us. WageAccess is easy to use and offers a wide variety of positions and position descriptions."

Anne Kessner

Soundoff Signal


"WageAccess is a great tool. We find WageAccess to be a very reasonably priced survey that is easy to use. Out of all of the surveys we use, I would consider WageAccess to be the "best bang for our buck."

Andrew Demmin

Independent Health


"For several years Hastings Mutual Insurance Company has participated in the WageAccess Salary Survey. We have been very satisfied with how easy it is to complete the survey, and ultimately, the benefits of using local results. Companies large or small will appreciate the competitive pricing for this service and its helpful wage analysis."

Amber Overla

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company


"I have found WageAccess to be an accurate source for data on the market value for a variety of positions. The website is easily navigated, the data is comprehensive and the cost is reasonable. I have participated for a number of years and plan on continuing the service."

Toni Talbot

Human Resource Management, Incorporated


"Just wanted you to know that the survey is our main source of comparative wage and benefit data for Michigan. Over the years, I have always been impressed with Synergy's customer service staff. They are always friendly and helpful."

Gregg Goodman

TIC International Corporation


"I’ve used it for a number of jobs the last few years. I like that it’s easy to use and provides periodic updates. I wish there were more engineering jobs included in it. I like it so well, that I recommended that our local chapter of SHRM, the Springfield Area Human Resources Association partner with WageAccess for their annual compensation/benefits survey and we’ve done so the last two years."

Rebecca Gun, PHR

Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative


"It has been a few years since I have purchased the survey due to some tough decisions regarding cutting back on everything including pay raises and surveys. I have used other survey sources but appreciate the ease of use of WageAccess. When we are financially ready to increase pay, WageAccess will be our survey."

Dave Johnson, SPHR



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